What does our work culture look like?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and we truly stand by it.
Team Miscos is formed by individuals who are

The ultimate of all. If you don’t enjoy something, then how can you be happy?

Smart worker > Hard worker
Slogging from 9 to 5 isn’t our cup of tea, we look out for what makes us better than the day before that comes without a timeline

Punctual + Sincere
Isn’t it always true that when you start on time, everything falls into place? By being diligent in your role, you get more time to grow and learn and chill, of course.

Team player
With great communication comes great transparency. You can never go wrong with being flexible and reaching out to others, or even so while sharing the load and ideas.

Keen learner
Constructive criticism is a part and parcel of innovation and if you aren’t open to it, then you cannot learn. We thrive on learning, from work as well as from people and look forward to more..

Join the fun!

We are always on the lookout for some funtastic peeps! If you would like to get on this crazy ride, send your resume at careers@miscosstudio.com
Looking forward to getting to know you!