How To Dry Your Nail Polish Quickly!

How to quickly dry nail polish - Miscos studio

We are all running around in a rush, whether it is work in an office or getting into a We We are all running around in a rush, whether it works vehicle or cooking your favourite tea. There isn’t enough time! And nothing irritates me more than the drying time frame since I paint my nails frequently. I'm so tired of waiting for my nails to dry before I start working on my next activity, that you might even consider not painting them at all! But then the nail paint will win the debate, and you are left with bare nails for another week, which isn't really fun.

Here are a few tips for getting your nails to dry in 2 minutes or less!

1. Quick Drying Nail Polish
This may sound obvious, yet some people are unaware that this sort of nail polish is available! Another technique for learning how to dry nail polish quickly is to use thin layers rather than big gooey ones. As an added bonus, thin coats will make your manicure more uniform.

2. Nail Blow Out
Although it may appear that using a hair drier is a bad idea, it really works better than using a fan. To avoid burning your fingers while attempting to appear attractive, I recommend using a small hairdryer with a cold setting. Also, avoid getting too near to your nails with the hairdryer, since this might produce bubbles in the nail paint.

3. Coldwater
Essentially, it is how it sounds. Fill a bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes, then begin to work. Stick your fingers in the cold water after you've painted all of your nails and let them air dry for around 1 minute. When you see water beading up on the top of your nails, you know they're ready. Just make sure you don't put your nails in the water right after you've finished painting them. The paint will take some time to attach to the nail.

4. Cooking Oil
The oil soaks into the nail lacquer and thins it down, allowing for quick drying nails. You may use baby oil, olive oil, or even spray cooking oil, but regulate the amount of oil you pour with a dropper or a steady hand. For each nail, you don't need much. As with the water method, the drying is completed when you notice oil beading on top of your nails.

This method has the added benefit of moisturising your cuticles because the oil seeps into them. So it's a win-win situation, and everyone might benefit from more cuticle moisturising in their lives.

So before you plan to get right back into your life from the nail painting that you undertook, take just 2 mins breather and be amazing again!