6 Biggest Nail Paint Mistakes to Save Yourself From - Miscos Studio

6 Biggest nail paint mistakes - Miscos Studio

Colouring nails is an art and doing a good job on it is not the easiest task. But what’s worse than spending time and effort on getting the perfect nails only to lose that subliminal perfection to a mistake that could have been easily avoided? Here are some of the six most common nail faux pas moments that can be avoided:

1. No base and topcoat
he most common of all the mistakes, the first coat is the key to achieving a smooth surface as well as durable wear. It also creates a layer between the nails and the paint, preventing it from staining and chipping. A base coat is an absolute if you are wearing a darker shade.

The topcoat seals the colour thereby protecting it from the outside effects including sunlight and water while helping the paint last longer.

2. It’s cool, not warm
Just because it has been a few minutes since you have applied your nail paint and it seems to have dried and composed, doesn’t mean you can expose them to a warmer environment, especially water. It really takes 24 hours for the nail paint to settle well! Dipping freshly painted tips after a few minutes in icy cold water surely helps, but bathing in hot water after a nail session is a big no.

3. Over-layering
Too much of anything is bad and that also includes over-painting your nails. It may seem like a good way to make the colour stand out but the ideal number of coats is only three which includes the base coat, the second or the colour coat and the topcoat, all of which should be thin and not gooey.

4. Using acetone-based remover
Although acetone infused nail paint remover wipes off paint faster, it certainly isn’t gentle on your nails. Being strong solvent acetone ends up drying the nail beds and the surrounding areas that include the skin and the cuticles, causing them to chip, peel and break.

It is ideal to use acetone-free removers like our Nail Enamel removers that not just clear the paint but also nourish your nails with the goodness of numerous essential oils like argan, blueberries, strawberries and many more! Choose your favourite fruity remover from our nail care range.

5. Filing both ways
Did you know that filing nails in the saw-like manner ie. back and forth actually weakens them? The right way is to file in one direction from one corner to the middle and then repeat the movement from the other side to the centre.

6. Using freshly painted nails
As mentioned earlier, it takes nearly 24 hours for the paint to settle but the first few hours are critical for not indulging in any hardcore activities like doing the dishes, cooking, opening a tight lid and similar stuff that chips off your paint and even damages the nails.